Ultrasound Manufacturers

Today there are many ultrasound manufacturers putting units in hospitals, clinics and doctors offices around the world. Some have better features in certain applications than others. We, at Genesis seek to find out what ones are doing a good job and which ones are not as good. We seek this information from healthcare professionals and wish to remain unbiased. There are so many units to choose from including, GE, Mitsubishi, Seimens, acuson, philips, HP, Sony and others. We are trying to get opinions from doctors, clinics, technicians, and those who operate ultrasound imaging equipment. Is it easy to operate? What are things that need improving? What manufacturers do you prefer?

We also want to have input from the patient. If there are any comments about the units, clinics, procedures, or experiences you have had with ultrasound devices, let us know.

The makers of ultrasound units include:

Feel free to comment on anything about ultrasound.

Ultrasound manufacturers include GE

Then, there are companies who specialize in making monitors, printers and other peripherals such as


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