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New grandchild

We're waiting with bated breath to see our new little grandchild in August of this year. We have two grandchildren already and we saw ultrasound pictures

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Breast ultrasound

A good way to screen for cancer is to have a breast ultrasound.

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Industrial Ultrasonics

Although ultrasound has been around for over 80 years in medical diagnostics, the last 20-30 years has seen an explosion in ultrasonics in industry.

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Ultrasound pest control, Does it work?

People have been developing ultrasound pest control devices for decades. The question is " Do they really work?"

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I rented a doppler ultrasound

I rented a doppler ultrasound, I forgot about it and kept it for 18 months.

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Pregnancy Ultrasounds have several names

Pregnancy ultrasounds are done to insure the normal development and health of the baby and the mother.

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Slow Dance

Slow dance is a poem written by a teenager with cancer. She is terminally ill in a New York Hospital ..

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Ultrasonic flowmeters

Ultrasonic flowmeters are cheap, easy to install, and are mobile because you don't have to cut into the pipe to use them.

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