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GE ultrasound was introduced in the 1950's, but the company was started over a century ago. General electric began in 1878 with Thomas Edison's incandescent light bulb. Always the innovator, they made the first central power station where they powered street lights on a grid and serviced the houses in the area. The company made the first radio broadcast, electric toaster, range, refrigerator, and first electric locomotive. They also were involved in the first television broadcasts. The polymers and resins that came from these inventions were also numerous. As the decades passes, General electric helped with development of things like Lexan, a durable, shatter resistant glass-like material used in places where impact was common, like on top of the boards of hockey rinks.

General Electric helped put a man on the moon, invented lasers, and a super magnet that paved the way for magnetic resonance imaging. They continued with microwave ovens, fiber optics, innovations for the mars observer, and of course, ultrasound imaging.

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They continue to innovate in the field of ultrasound imaging today. First in full-field digital mammography, MRI technology,2D ,3D , and 4D Doppler ultrasound Here are some of the ultrasound units they have now. If you are looking for firsts, its General electric.

The Logiq E9 is one of the newest models produced by GE. It is capable of multidimentional imaging in a wide range of applications including Breast abdominal and vascular imaging. It operates on a patented Truscan architecture. It analytical tools to increase diagnostic confidence, was made with ergonomic design for improved scanning. The Logiq E9 was made with automatic applications to help the workflow. It was made to add new features as they were introduced, so that doctors can provide state of the art care in 4D. The unit also has some extra features such as a 17" display, color touch LCD screen with programmable keys, a back-lit keyboard, swivel locking wheels, and gel warmers. GE makes two series of ultrasound units and they are the Logiq and Voluson.

The Logiq E9 has the latest wireless and speech recognition technologies which allows hands free commands. The system allows a sonographer to use intuitive words and phrases to activate 150 functions. It also has a trackball to help with the scanning. Always the innovator,

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