Pregnancy ultrasound machine.

Ultrasound physics explained
Sound travels in waves. It bounces, deflects, is absorbed. This is ultrasound physics
Pregnancy Ultrasounds have several names
Pregnancy ultrasounds are done to insure the normal development and health of the baby and the mother.
Ultrasound Types
There are many ultrasound types being done today. We observe all parts of the body as well as a fetus being developed in the womb.
A condensed history of ultrasound
The history of ultrasound goes back to 1790, when Lazzaro Spallanzani discovered that bats navigated with their ears,rather than their eyes in flight.
How does a 3D ultrasound work?
During pregnancy, 3D ultrasound is useful for baby's development and mother's health.
4D ultrasound uses mulitple images to create motion.
The Doppler effect is used by 4D ultrasound to make ultrasound images give the appearance of motion.
Doppler Effect, Doppler shift
The Doppler effect happens when sound and motion occur together. If something coming toward you makes a noise, the pitch is higher,Then as it passes, it's pitch becomes lower. Also know as the Dop
What about ultrasound safety?
One goes in for an ultrasound. Concerned about ultrasound safety?
Portable ultrasound is here, and taking over.
The future is in portable ultrasound machines. They are compact, cheaper and powerful
Refurbished ultrasound equipment is a viable option
After forty years, older units are being rebuilt, making refurbished ultrasound equipment a as good as new.
Used portable ultrasound machines are another option.
More used portable ultrasound systems are being used.
Industrial Ultrasonics
Although ultrasound has been around for over 80 years in medical diagnostics, the last 20-30 years has seen an explosion in ultrasonics in industry.
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Comments about ultrasound
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Ultrasound manufacturers
There are many ultrasound manufacturers. We have GE, Sony, Mitsubishi, Seimens, acuson, philips, HP and others. Each brings their own qualities to the mix.
Ultrasound Schools
There are many ultrasound schools that are teaching now. Also called sonography schools, they are usually one to two year courses. Ultrasound credentialing is becoming the norm as systems get more com
The Ultrasound Smartphone
A device that fits in the palm of your hand can bring ultrasound to the field. Introducing the ultrasound smartphone. In romote places, this will bring twenty first technology to places that have
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Ultrasound therapy
Ultrasound therapy is used for a variety of ailments. This deep penetrating heat allows the healing of muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules and bone. This is a type of thermotherapy (heat t
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