Phillips ultrasound

Phillips ultrasound, began in 1891. The company was founded by Gerard Philips (only one "L") as Royal Philips in Eindenhoven, the Netherlands to manufacture incandescent lamps and other electronic products. The company made carbon filament bulbs and grew to be one of the largest producers in Europe. The company created its first lab in 1914. They went on to become one of the worlds largest multi-national conglomerates by making rotary heads to revolutionize electric shavers. It was a pioneer in television sets in 1925, radios in 1927 and was ground breaking in transistors and integrated circuits in the 1960's. Today it makes a large array of electric devices.

Gerard Philips 1891

In 1895, Philips got its start in healthcare by purchasing CHF Muller in Hamburg, Germany. They made the first commercial X-Ray tube. By 1918, they produced a medical X-Ray tube. Through a series of acquisitions, the company infiltrated the medical market buying ATL ultrasound, ADAC Labs, Agilent Technologies, and Marconi Medical systems. These put them on the map in X-Ray, CT scan, and MRI systems. Phillips ultrasound is all over the world. Back to manufacturers.

Philips makes the CX50, the HD series, the IE33 and the IU22

Model HD7

Model IU22

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