Aloka ultrasound

In 1950, Aloka ultrasound began when it became independant from the Japan Radio company. In 1960, they were able to market the first diagnostic system. As the company grew along with the use of ultrasound itself, they put their stamp on it with plants, offices and distribution centers in many countries. They changed their name in 1976 to the present name, Aloka which means "Ray of Hope".

In the early 1970's they began distributing in the United States with Johnson & Johnson ultrasound and Corometrics Medical Systems inc., which provided maintenance service. They opened their first U.S. office in 1986 and direct sales in 1991. Today they have sales, service and clinics in the United States. They have the Prosound series of units including the Alpha 5, 7, and 10, SSD-6, SSD3500,and the 400SV. They produce portable ultrasound machines and used ultrasound imaging equipment. The longest standing machine maker is Aloka Ultrasound. Back to manufacturers

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