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This is the page where you can join in and make comments. We ask the ultrasound imaging community, along with ultrasound schools, and those who have had ultrasounds to relate their experiences, unique stories about giving or getting them. If you are a sonographer, or student you can rate your school, or brag about it. You may have a funny story, or criticism. What would you improve, what is good, or not so good about the exams. We plan to post the best ideas and petition the manufacturers to make better units. No idea is too small, no story should go untold. We will make a blog page for visitors soon and will post the best and funniest entries. So don't be shy and add to our comments page. Back to Genesis ultrasound machine Home Page.

Things no one told me about pregnancy

I read a ton of books on pregnancy, took the childbirth class, and even hired a doula for my due date. You can read the same stuff over and over again, but some things get lost between the M. Ramblings

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