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Siemens ultrasound is the offspring of a company Founded by Werner Von Siemens in 1847. The German visionary discovered the dynamo-electric principal, which helped establish electricity as a power source. Through the years,They stunned the world with technically complex, high risk projects, such as trans-Atlantic cables and building a telegraph line from London to Calcutta India. Their expertise in electronic enterprises survived two world wars and the great depression.

Werner Von Siemens

In the medical field, They invented the X-ray sphere, which could be directly connected to a lighting circuit and was used for 50 years. In 1958, the first cardiac pacemaker was implanted in a critically ill patient preventing his more then 20 cardiac arrests a day. They introduced the worlds first real time ultrasound device in 1965. It is still among the best units used today. It allowed doctors to see cross-sections of tissues and organs without the exposure of patients to radiation. They also developed the nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI) tomograph in 1983. Along the same lines, the positron emission tomography (PET) scanner was developed to measure several layers of tissue simultaneously with unrivaled spatial resolution and sensitivity. They continue to make major contributions in medical imaging. One of the best medical device makers is Siemens ultrasound. Back to manufacturers page.

Siemens makes the acuson series and the Sonoline G20.

Sonoline G40 ultrasound unit

Acuson S2000

They also make the Acuson S2000

Acuson laptop

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