Breast Ultrasound

Breast ultrasound is a good way to screen for cancer. Also called sonography, it is derived from technology used to detect icebergs and submarines in war. Also see History of Ultrasound Because there is no radiation, breast cancer ultrasound is safe and can be used on pregnant women. Doppler or 4D is used to identify blood flow disruptions, abnormalities such as fibroids( non cancerous lumps ) cancerous tissue, or lesions. With a mammogram we are able to detect all but the smallest of anomalous tissue.

breast exam

If the breast is dense, meaning that it has a lot of glandular tissue less fat, it may be necessary to do an MRI ( magnetic resonance imaging ) instead.

What to do to prepare for an ultrasound of the breast?

There is no special preparation. You will be asked to wear a hospital gown, so you should consider wearing a two piece outfit so you can easily remove the top.

A small amount of clear gel is applied to the skin over the area of examination. The gel usually feels cold at first. A probe known as a transducer is gently placed on the skin and you may need to hold your breath several times. After the test,the doctor will discuss the results with you.

There are new technologies coming out in mammogram ultrasound. They involve the use of holograms. Because of its three dimensional abilities, we are able to see cysts and cancer cells at a much earlier stage. This will allow us to detect breast cancer much earlier, thus saving many lives. For the latest techniques in Breast ultrasound, please see Hologram ultrasound

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