I forgot that I rented a doppler ultrasound

I rented a doppler ultrasound last time, and ended up accidentally keeping it ,and paying monthly rent on it, for close to 18 months, and then I stupidly sent it back when I was one payment away from owning the damn thing outright. (Every once in awhile, though, I get a $10 check from them, presumably from people who stumble upon the referral number I posted ages ago. So I'll probably break even in about 23 years, provided I keep my Google Page Rank up.)

Needless to say, I am not allowed to rent another doppler ever.

By the way, since I am a crumbly emotional mess these days, I feel the need to counter all my dog thing-mocking with a declaration of love for the hamsterdog. She may need a diet, probably a bath and definitely a less disproportionate headsize to body-ratio, and my god, must she have an aneurysm EVERY SINGLE time the mailman walks by, but she really DOES get plenty of love, attention, and affection and clearly, way too much ham.

Oh, and about this. I still don't know. Your comments certainly got me jazzed for the idea of a big birthday reveal moment, but then a minute later I got distracted by something and changed my mind. Jason is firmly in the find-out camp, but is willing to go along with whatever I ultimately decide, probably because he KNOWS I won't really be able to hold out and will eventually cave in, so it's safe to indulge me for now. So realistically, I'm guessing we'll find out, unless the baby is modest and keeps his legs crossed for the next few ultrasounds. I'm pretty sure it's another boy.

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