Used portable ultrasound

Depending on your needs, a used portable ultrasound system can work for you. Many of the systems that are in clinics, hospitals, and doctor's offices are being updated with new 4D Doppler units. This leaves used ultrasound equipment re-entering the market at an extremely discounted rate. All manufacturers are moving to portable systems as computers get better and smaller. Here is an example of a used GE system

GE used portable unit

Used ultrasound systems can cost only half as much as a new one. In an economy that is not the most stable to work in, a used system may be a feasible alternative for many offices. If a used portable ultrasound system is not the best fit, perhaps a refurbished one is better.

Today, Ultrasound units are even starting to be introduced in hand held models. This will allow people to reach people in remote corners of the world. They keep getting smaller still. Introducing the ultrasound smartphone

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