Things no one told me about pregnancy

Oh My !! The things no one told me about pregnancy. You can read the same stuff over and over again, but some things get lost between the lines, and here were other topics I thought I'd bring up.

1. When you're in labor, at the hospital, all pretenses of modesty are thrown out the window. You get poked and prodded all while you're wearing the most unflattering piece of clothing ever. You'll reach a point where you honestly don't give a f%$( anymore.

2. You will find a new level of respect and love for your own mother.

3. My hospital bag - I was glad I brought: Aveda shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and body wash. What I wish I had brought: a portable DVD player, tons of books, hair accessories to put my hair up , fluffy bed slippers, a luxurious robe, speakers for my IPOD, lots of my favorite snacks.

4. I will always bring flowers or a potted plant whenever I visit someone in the hospital.

5. Don't try to be super-woman while you're pregnant, especially when it comes to juggling work responsibilities.

6. Visit a maternity clothing store and buy: pants, panties, bras. Oh, and don't wait until the last minute either. You fit everything fine and one day you look into you closet and realize you're busting out of everything.

7. Paying for the 3D ultrasound session was worth it!

8. Invest in some indulgences for yourself! I was feeling very un-attractive. Weight gain, swollen ankles, even my nose?! I would have continued to get my hair done just to treat myself and keep my spirits up, to counter-act my emotions regarding my weight gain.

9. Take your rings off before you gain too much weight! I had to get mine cut off. :(

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