Thyroid Ultrasound

When a patient is feeling a lump in his neck, pain in the front or under the ears, hoarseness, trouble swallowing or breathing, or has a cough, he may be a candidate for a thyroid ultrasound. He or she should talk to a doctor as soon as possible. Located in the neck, the thyroid helps control metabolism ( control of how fast the body converts food into energy. The Parathyroid is four glands behind the thyroid and they control phosphorus and calcium in the blood. Both are checked during an ultrasound imaging exam. For more on How it Works, click here. A patient usually lies on an examination table and a clear gel is applied to the neck. The gel is used to enhance the images because ultrasound works best through liquids. The ultrasound technologist will move a transducer around the neck to find the best angles to identify any unusual growths called nodules, or identify any enlargement of the glands. Cancer can be detected and lives saved with the use of

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