Johnny and Megans ultrasound story

Back up to February 10th, though...Megans ultrasound story. The one everyone waits for. We went in really expecting a boy. When we went for our NT screen u/s at the end of December, the doctor wouldn't commit because it was still too early, but we all saw something and he kind of let us leave thinking it probably was. We'd been calling the baby a he (or even Sammy) every now and then. We'd bought lots of blue stuff. (We didn't really want to, but Ms. Mariana was in town during the December u/s so of course she couldn't control herself.) We'd pretty much planned out the nursery. We showed up on the 10th and the tech starts doing her thing and taking her measurements. She asked if we wanted to know the sex and we cut her off with a big joint "Yes!" Of course, once again, the baby was extremely uncooperative and wouldn't show off the goods. The tech said she'd finish up her stuff and come back to it later. Ugh. Well, the baby wouldn't even let her do what she needed to do, so I had to take a break, go to the bathroom, and literally dance around the exam room for about 10 minutes to try to shake him or her around a little. An ultrasound shouldn't be so difficult !! Finally the tech was able to get everything she needed, but still couldn't get a decent angle between the legs. We waited for the doctor to come in and sign off on everything and they tried one last time. It wasn't the best or most convenient view, but Dr. Pelham said "I can't explain exactly what I see, but I can pretty much promise you what I DON'T see." They said they felt pretty certain it was a little girl. This is Megans ultrasound story. From Megans ultrasound story back to pregnancy ultrasound.

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