I thought it would go by the birth plan

I've come to realize that in the future my only birth plan will be to safeguard the baby and myself. In saying all I have about a plan, I will actually have one for the ... I was in no fit state to see it. I just thought it was my job as mom to comfort him the best I could and help him get to sleep. He ended up having surgery at 11 weeks.

To write a plan or not to write a plan? That is the question.

In my last advice I suggested that a Birth Plan should be thrown out the window. First time moms beware. If you set too high expectations of yourself and your birth experience you are in for a shock. Murphy's Law will prove that things never go according to plan. But after having a baby under traumatic circumstances you are in no state to realize this and will be left an emotional wreck, believing you have failed yourself. Don't misunderstand me, but I didn't plan the 'perfect birth'. I read about absolutely everything about labor and understood every kind of complication which could occur. My philosophy was that "I should expect anything but hope for the best". Unfortunately, I didn't count on having EVERYTHING go totally wrong and I developed every complication possible.

I wrote birth plans that went something like this:

Dear doctors and nurses,Thank you for looking after me so well during my pregnancy. I look forward to having an active birth at < xxxxx> hospital. I understand that Placenta Praevia may be a problem but would like to have a natural birth if possible.

1. Support People: I would like my partner and his mother to support me through the labor. 2. Pain Relief: I would like to have an active birth. I might use the gas but would prefer not to have an epidural. I would like the midwives to assist me with breathing techniques to help with pain. 3. Intervention: I expect that doctors will intervene only if necessary for the safety of the baby and myself. 4. Episiotomy: I would like to use the birthing strategies which avoid the necessity for an episiotomy.

These aren't necessarily unrealistic expectations. I went to childbirth classes and learned further about what to expect from the labor and birth (on top of extensive reading). I knew when to go to the hospital and when to hold off and wait. I thought I had it all planned. WRONG!!!!

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