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Baby ultrasound pictures are very special. 3D ultrasound in early pregnancy is useful for many reasons. It can show if the baby is developing normally, can determine size and approximate delivery date. They can do one as early as five weeks.The first one is usually ordered at about the 12th week and the sex can be determined at about the 18th week. The placenta can also be seen ( the organ that feeds the fetus ) as can the amniotic fluid ( a protectant fluid against the fetus being bumped and temperature extremes ). We can see if the baby has down syndrome or if the mother has or will have complications later in the maternity. Later on, as the baby grows, it starts to do things like yawning and smiling. Here are some Baby ultrasound pictures. Back to 3D ultrasound

At 9 weeks

At 12 weeks

At 18 weeks

At 33 weeks

Courtesy: Juan Carlos Pons, Venezuela

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